Matt Paxton’s Air Duct Maintenance Tips for Your Home

With the temperature starting to dip around the Chicago area, we are getting closer to heating season.  Keeping your heating system running efficiently is important to lower heating bills and the best way to do this is to maintain your air ducts.  The HVAC ducts in a home are constantly gathering dust, pollen, and other debris from the air that can lower your indoor air quality as well as raise your heating bills by lowering the efficiency of the system.  These air duct maintenance tips from Matt Paxton and ServiceMaster Clean will help you reduce “contaminates like mold, pollen, bacteria, all kinds of nasty stuff” to improve efficiency and reduce health risks.

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Air Duct Maintenance Tips

In a short video from ServiceMaster Clean featuring Matt Paxton, Paxton lays out the following tips to help you maintain your air ducts:

  • Quality filters: The air filter is an important component of the system for reducing airborne contaminates. As Paxton says, “Efficient air filters can help a lot, make sure you are using the right type filter for your system and replace them regularly.”
  • Maintain your HVAC system: Keeping your HVAC system well maintained year round will help improve its efficiency and lower health risks associated with poor indoor air quality. According to Paxton, “that includes cleaning cooling coils and drain pans. Professional service is a good idea.”
  • Keep air ducts free of moisture: One of the most important aspects of maintaining your air ducts is keeping them dry. “Moisture in air ducts is the biggest cause of contaminant growth,” says Paxton. “Keep them well-insulated to reduce condensation risk and check for secure seals and no water leakage.”

As we get closer to heating season, make sure you follow these maintenance tips. If you believe that your air ducts need professional cleaning services before the winter, contact ServiceMaster DAK online or call us at (847) 459-3900.  We provide air duct cleaning services for homes in the North Chicago suburbs.



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