Factors Affecting Flood Cleanup Cost

Whenever a property has been damaged by excess water, it is an emergency that requires immediate attention. The moisture will ruin porous surfaces and materials, and this damage will only get worse the longer it goes unaddressed.

flood cleanup and water damage restoration in Buffalo Grove by ServiceMaster DAKThe problem becomes even more urgent if your home or building has been flooded and contains standing water because with more water comes more property damage. No matter what caused the flood damage, prompt action is necessary.

The amount of time you take to respond to the issue is essential for various reasons. For one, the longer you wait to respond to the flood damage, the worse the damage will become. Furthermore, waiting to address the flooding will increase the cost of the flood cleanup for your damaged property.

Continue reading to learn about what other factors can affect flood cleanup cost.

What is the Extent of the Flood Damage?

One of the primary things to consider when figuring out the costs for flood cleanup is the extent of the damage: how much water was involved, and how much of the property was damaged? When just a small area needs to be cleaned up and restored, then not as much work needs to be done. But the greater the size of the damaged area, the more work is needed. With more work comes more time and resources, so it only makes sense for flood cleanup costs to be more expensive the greater the extent of the damage.

For example, if a few feet of water have flooded one area of your home, then the damage is minimal compared to what 10 feet of standing water throughout the property would cause. More materials will have sustained damage and need restoration or even replacement. More equipment will also be needed to thoroughly dry the area.

What Type of Floodwater is Involved?

Not all floodwater is the same, and not all floodwater types are as damaging to your property as others.

There are three different categories of water, and they are determined by the water’s potential for harm:

  • Category 1: Water that is clean and from a sanitary source, such as a faucet or toilet tank
  • Category 2: Water that was used and contaminated, such as washing machine water, but does not contain sewage; can become category 3 water if left standing
  • Category 3: Water that contains bacteria, chemicals, sewage, or other dangerous contaminants

The higher the category of water involved in the flooding of your residential or commercial property, the more work will need to be done to restore the affected areas and materials. However, certain materials may not be salvageable if they were affected by category 3 water due to the additional damage from the contaminants.

How Much Time Has Passed Since the Initial Flood Damage?

water damageWater damage of any kind is something that needs to be dealt with immediately because of how quickly the harm can worsen. When water damage is not addressed as soon as possible, the extra time that passes will just allow the water to spread and cause further damage. Because of this, the more time that has passed since the flood damage first occurred, the more work that will be needed to restore the property. This will then make the costs for flood cleanup higher.

This is another reason why restoration and cleaning work should be done promptly. The longer you wait to address the damage and get help, the more expensive it will be because of the additional damage.

Is There Mold Growth?

Mold spores are naturally present in the air, so mold growth is a possibility at just about any time. All the spores need to start forming mold colonies are an organic food source and a moisture source. Because of this, mold growth is a common after-effect of water damage.

If mold does grow in response to the flood damage, then the fungus will cause its own set of harm to your property. Because of this, any situation involving flood damage that also includes mold growth will require additional work. This inevitably increases the price for water damage restoration and cleanup.


Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

servicemaster water damage cleanupIf your residential or commercial property has suffered water damage by flooding, then do not hesitate to reach out to a professional for flood cleanup help. Waiting will only give the water more time to cause further harm.

ServiceMaster DAK offers water damage restoration services to help homes and businesses with their water damage emergencies, including flooding. Within these services, our professional IICRC-certified water technicians will eliminate standing water and excess moisture, thoroughly dry out the property, and restore/replace damaged materials.

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