ServiceMaster Fire Safety Tips – Home Fire Drill

Home fires are terrifying and never come with a warning. That’s why it’s vital to have a plan of action in place in case of a fire, and to practice it regularly. These tips from ServiceMaster will help you put together a fire drill plan for your family.

Plan an Escape Route

Draw out a floor plan and ideally, have two escape routes from each room. Remember, windows are escape routes, so make sure they can be opened easily from the inside. Make sure each person in the family knows how to exit each room and floor of the home.

Avoid Smoke and Heat

Also make sure they know to crawl low to avoid smoke and feel doors before opening them. A door that feels hot or has smoke coming from underneath it means that the fire is in that room.

Where to Meet

Choose a meeting place outside the home, like a neighbor’s house a few doors down and use their phone to call 911. Remind everyone that once they’re out, never reenter a burning building; if someone is still inside, tell the 911 operator.

Emergency Contact

Have an emergency contact number that everyone knows, such as Grandma, and check in. Family members who aren’t at home can call that person to see if everyone is all right.

Practice the Drill

Kids practice fire drills at school three or four times a year, so do the same at home. Try running a drill every time a season changes; after all, a fire might not happen when the weather is nice.

Fire Restoration – Professional Help and Costs

In spite of best efforts, fires still happen. If one does, call the fire restoration experts at ServiceMaster DAK. They’re ready to respond to emergencies in the North Shore and Northwest Chicago suburbs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our fire damage restoration team in Buffalo Grove and Wheeling will do everything necessary to make sure you have everything you need to protect your property from further damage. If you need temporary heating and/or power, we’ll make it happen. We’ll clean, restore, and deodorize your home and help you get things back to normal. Restoration costs vary, depending on the extent of the fire damage.


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