Home Safety Tips – DIY Emergency Kit

An Emergency can happen at any time. In reality, there is no way to predict when you or your family could end up in a dangerous situation. Hurricanes appear out of nowhere, floods can be undetectable, and earthquakes can come completely out of the blue. That is why it is so important to have a disaster supply kit that is easily accessible in your home.

Emergency? Don’t be Scared. Be Prepared!

It is not uncommon that in an emergency there are not enough rescue teams to assist everyone for a couple days. That is why the kit is necessary in order to keep you and your family safe at all times. If you’re unsure what to put in your DIY emergency kit, start with the items in this ServiceMaster video.

In order to be certain your supply kit is adequate, make sure the kit has the following items.


Place a gallon of water per day for every person in your household. It is recommended to have enough water for three days.


We recommend you packing a three day supply of non-perishable food. We recommend things like canned food, granola, protein bars, or dried fruit. Try to pick foods that everyone in your household likes and food that will not make you thirsty.

Flashlight and Extra Batteries

In an emergency situation, it is not uncommon for the power to go out for a long period of time. Be sure to pack a flashlight and extra batteries for lighting.

First Aid Kit

It is essential that you have a first aid kit in your disaster supply kit. In an emergency, there is no telling if you or your friends and family will be put in harm’s way. If this happens, you need to be prepared. Have a first aid kit with the essential supplies to help anyone who may be injured.

Dust Mask

In certain emergency situations, the situation can cause contamination in the air and if you or your family spend time breathing the contaminated air, you will be at-risk for health problems. Therefore, you should be certain to have a dust mask in your emergency kit.

Basic Tools

You should have a section in your kit dedicated to some basic tools. It is not necessary to have overly complicated tools, but it can be helpful to have pliers, a can opener, and a wrench. Often times, you can find a tool that combines a variety of tools together that would be good to have in your kit.


Be sure to have a radio in case you need to radio for help or receive information about the situation.

Solar Charger

Have a solar charger ready for your phones. That way you can call for help if possible.

An emergency kit may be a hassle to prepare at times, but the benefits of preparation are definitely worth it. Preparation can help guarantee safety for you and your family. With an emergency kit, survival becomes more and more likely. Preparation will build your confidence and is key for survival.

After a disaster, once you and your family are safe, call ServiceMaster to make sure your house is safe to live in for the future.


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