What to Ask When Hiring a Disinfection Company

Invisible enemies, like bacteria and viruses, run rampant in public buildings. These microbes are disease-causing agents that can be eradicated by cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces. Before hiring a disinfection company, ask the following important questions to ensure the health safety of occupants.

Harmful contaminants are widespread in offices, schools and other buildings. Community acquired infections (CAIs) and sick building syndrome (SBS) cause employees and customers to become sick. In just four hours, viruses can be transferred from an office’s front door to the rest of the office.

Flu season occurs in the fall and winter months, making frequent disinfections a necessity to contain the spread of germs. The flu virus lives on some surfaces for as long as eight hours. Every year, influenza costs businesses $7 billion due to the millions of lost work days.

A new threat has emerged that should prompt facility managers to conduct more frequent building disinfections. Covid-19 remains a public health crisis. Similar to the flu virus, the coronavirus lives on different surfaces for varying lengths of time, increasing the rate of infection transmission.


However, with proper building disinfections, businesses can operate without risking the health and well-being of their staff. The spread of germs and viruses can be curbed in offices, hotels, schools and other public places when a qualified disinfection company undertakes the job of disinfection.

Attempting a DIY disinfection does not replace the deep cleaning and disinfection services provided by professional companies. Disinfection experts possess the training, equipment and products to thoroughly eliminate dangerous microbes living on the surfaces and within crevices of a building.


Does the disinfection company follow CDC guidelines?

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) updates its health safety guidelines in the wake of new research. The CDC website regularly posts updated guidance, such as shorter Covid-19 quarantine timelines or Covid-19 testing guidance. CDC information is critical to protecting public health.

Managers of commercial disinfection staff should review the latest CDC guidelines with their teams. The latest information will help managers of disinfection teams develop a cleaning and disinfection plan, implement the plan and maintain or revise the plan as necessary.


What are the company’s disinfection processes?

coronavirus and Commercial disinfection cleaning by ServiceMaster-DAKNot all disinfection companies perform services in the same manner. Some may be more thorough than others, and some crews may perform extra services that are unnecessary for the facility manager’s needs. Answers to this question will help determine which company fits the business’ requirements.

Ideally, a disinfection company will provide both cleaning and disinfection. A qualified service will understand the difference between the two. Cleaning removes but does not kill germs. Disinfection kills germs (but does not clean surfaces), thereby reducing the spread of infection.

Cleaning and disinfection crews should clean and disinfect high touch surfaces, such as doorknobs, desks, faucet handles, computer keyboards, countertops and phones. Standard cleaning and disinfection practices are sufficient to remove or kill fragile viruses, like the flu virus and the coronavirus.

Some disinfection companies offer extra services, which may include wiping down walls and ceilings, spraying room deodorizers on a frequent basis, fumigating and utilizing special cleaning and disinfecting processes. Evaluate disinfection needs to determine if these extra services are necessary.


What experience and qualifications do the crews bring?

Professional disinfection crews should be properly trained to perform a thorough and effective disinfection service. The teams should utilize EPA-approved cleaners and disinfectants to ensure all harmful viruses are destroyed. The contact time recommended for disinfectants should be followed for maximum efficacy.

PPEAsk whether or not the cleaning company is experienced in disinfecting particular types of facilities. For example, disinfecting a hospital emergency room is far different than cleaning and disinfecting a retail store or business office. The disinfection company’s experience should match the task at hand.

Some disinfection companies have years of experience disinfecting buildings contaminated with specific viruses, such as MERS and SARS. These companies have successfully eliminated germs and viruses, thereby preventing the likelihood of future outbreaks. More disinfection companies are now experienced in eliminating the coronavirus, which causes Covid-19.

Experienced staff know to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) while performing disinfection tasks. Gowns, gloves and masks should be worn at all times during the disinfection process and properly disposed of afterward. Cleaning personnel also wash their hands with soap and water after handling waste.


What is the recommended frequency for disinfection services?

When office personnel become ill, especially with Covid-19, it becomes critical to thoroughly disinfect the building right away. On the other hand, if a building has remained unoccupied for seven days, normal cleanings are advised. This is because the coronavirus does not survive longer than a few days.

Outdoor facilities, such as those within local, state and national parks, require less frequent cleaning. According to current CDC guidelines, playgrounds outside of schools require normal cleaning and do not have to be disinfected. Spraying disinfectant on sidewalks does not reduce exposure to Covid-19.

In the coronavirus era, commercial spaces should be fully cleaned and disinfected regularly to protect the welfare of employees, customers and visitors. Facility managers rely on reputable disinfection services, such as ServiceMaster DAK, for thorough commercial disinfection and cleaning services.


DESINFECTION SERVICES - Libertyville, ILServiceMaster DAK disinfection crews are highly trained to decontaminate commercial buildings and provide preventative cleaning and disinfection services. We follow the CDC guidelines and use cleaning and disinfecting products that are approved by the EPA to kill viruses, like the coronavirus.

Our disinfection methods include utilizing spraying systems to treat surfaces. Our technicians have the ability to quickly disinfect large spaces of 18,000 square feet. We also have the equipment to treat smaller and mid-size areas, such as homes, small offices, apartment buildings and commercial buildings.

When you seek the most reliable preventive commercial cleaning and disinfection in Chicago North Shore and the northwest suburbs in Illinois, schedule a disinfection with ServiceMaster DAK. As a local company, our crews are also able to provide emergency coronavirus decontamination services.


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