Organize your Home in One Weekend with These Tips

Cluttered and disorganized homes, while they might not actually be dirty or unsanitary, create the illusion of a dirty home and the appearance of your home can be improved drastically with better organization.  However, organizing your entire home is a time consuming project that could take weeks to do and it is difficult for many people with busy schedules to find the time to fully organize their home.  Fortunately, you can improve the organization of your home enough to make a difference with a few tips that can be done in one weekend.

Room cleaning - before after

Cleanup time – before and after

The following five tips will help you better organize your home in just a couple of days:

  • Put Important Documents in One Place: It is very easy for important documents such as bills, notes from your children’s school, insurance papers, and others to get spread around the home, buried, and forgotten about. Gathering all of these important documents and keeping them in one place will make it much easier for you to keep track of them and address them in a timely manner as well as reduce paper clutter in your home.
  • Choose 10 Things from Your Closet to Throw Away: Clothing is something that many people continually buy throughout the year and as a result, closets quickly fill up with clothes that no longer get worn. Sort through your closet and find ten items that you do not wear anymore, whether they be shirts, pants, shoes, or hats, and either give them away or donate them to a local charity.
  • Planning Your Next 30 Days: Keeping all of your personal tasks and events recorded in a calendar or planner will help you keep your home and your life better organized. Write down everything you have to do in the next 30 days including work related tasks, social events, and even personal errands.
  • Address One Needed Home Repair: Just about every home could use a couple repairs, with some homes needing repairs more urgently than others. If there are some repairs needed in your home, pick the one that is the most urgent and address it during your weekend of organization either by fixing the problem yourself or hiring a professional to do it.
  • Find a Place for 10 Objects: As you organize your home, you may notice several objects that are out of place or that never really had a place to begin with. Find at least 10 objects throughout your home that fit this description and find a permanent place to keep each object.

Doing a full scale reorganization of your home can take plenty of time and effort but you can effectively improve the organization and appearance of your home in just one weekend with these tips.  Well organized homes look cleaner because there is less clutter and they also make for more comfortable living environments.

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