Inspecting Your Bathroom to Prevent Flooding

The bathroom is one of the most likely spots in your home for flooding to occur.  The plumbing fixtures in the bathroom including the sink, toilet, and bathtub can leak or backup at any time and create a huge mess.  A flooded bathroom can sustain damage very quickly as the water penetrates the walls and flooring which leads to structural damage and there is a good chance a bathroom flood can result in mold.  Fortunately, bathroom flooding can be prevented if you know how to inspect your bathroom for signs of flooding.

These tips will help you notice any problems in your bathroom before they lead to flooding.

  • Check the Sink: Turn the water on in your sink and check for leaks around the base of the faucet and underneath the sink.
  • Check the Toilet: Make sure your toilet is secured to the floor and that the tank is firmly attached to the bowl. Then flush the toilet and look for leaks around the base, tank, feeder tank, and shut off valve. If your home has a basement, you should check it for leaks also.
  • Check the Bathtub: Turn the water on in the bathtub and let it run for five minutes as you look for leaks around the tub and faucet. Make sure the shower converter on your faucet is working properly because this is a common problem.  Check around the showerhead for leaks as you let the shower run.
  • Check the Water Heater: Look around your water heater and the connecting pipes for any leaks or moisture. Check the drain pan for the water heater and remove any debris.
  • Check Main Shut Off Valve: It is very important to know where the main shut off valve is so you can turn off the water to your home if there is a major leak.

You can prevent flooding in your bathroom effectively by inspecting your bathroom with the above tips about once per month.  If you notice any problems during your inspection, make sure you take action right away to prevent flooding or mold in your bathroom.

Call ServiceMaster DAK as soon as possible for flood restoration if there is already water damage in your bathroom.

Watch the video for more details about preventing floods in your bathroom.


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