Hard Floor Cleaning Glenview Golf, IL

Hard Floor Cleaning Glenview Golf, IL

commercial hard floor cleaningServiceMaster DAK, Glenview Golf IL are experts in hard floor cleaning. We have developed strategies and programs to care for a wide variety of flooring and can care for any hard surface flooring in residential or commercial properties. There are many surfaces we can clean and restore, including vinyl, linoleum tile, synthetic wood, ceramic tile, stone tile and grout.

Our residential and commercial floor cleaning services can effectively remove dust and dirt from your flooring while restoring the appearance of your hard floors.

Hard Wood Floor Cleaning Services

hard floor cleaningHard wood floors can house dust and dirt that can be hard to remove over time. Here at ServiceMaster DAK, Glenview Golf, IL, we use high-speed rotary discs and wood floor safe cleaning solutions to break up that dirt and restore shine. Once the floor is cleaned, we apply a coat of our own protective finish to protect your hard wood floors.

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